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Four Tips to Help you Win at Capsa Susun Online

Capsa Susun, also known as Chinese poker, is one of the fastest growing games online when it comes to the number of people playing it. If you want to play the game online and win at it, these strategies may help.

Do not play every hand -- Novice Capsa Susun players tend to play every hand through to its logical conclusion, which is why they so often lose. Play less hands and, when you know your hand is not going to be a winner under most circumstances, fold and wait for the next hand instead.

Never play drunk -- This may seem a silly tip to give, but you may be surprised at the number of people that will drink alcohol while playing Capsa Susun online.

Only play sober, as your decision making skills are better when sober and you will have much higher chances of winning. Play drunk, and you will probably make stupid mistakes.

Be careful about playing at higher limits -- A novice Capsa Susun player will win a few times at lower stakes games, and decide it is time to move to a higher limit game. This will invariably result in him losing.

Most times you are better staying in lower limit games, as you can play more hands with the money you have available and will have less chance of losing all of it at one time. 

Do not go over your budget -- The most successful Capsa Susun players online tend to create a daily budget and never spend more than that. 

Even when winning, it is still better to never go over your budget. A disciplined Capsa Susun player will always win more often than one that plays with emotion, and one who decides to over spend just because they have won a few hands and feel lucky.